Agent Strauss

FBI agent in charge of the Spuge and Gale case


Agent Blake Strauss has been tracking Jimmy-Lee Gale since the incident in Albion Michigan where Gale, and a drifter he befriended known as “The Spudge” blew up the house of an elderly lady, who was the found murdered along with her daughter, and granddaughter, and two surgeons. He was tipped off about their whereabouts at a highway diner by a waitress, and send a squadron of highway patrol to stall the suspects while he organized an FBI strike force. He was not expecting much opposition, let alone the entire highway patrol being blown away by grenades and assasult rifles.

Strauss is now determined to catch these suspects, whom have now murdered several law enforcement offers, and bring them to the proper justice.


Blake Strauss grew up in Seattle in the 80’s, and had a normal family life until the age of 7.

In 1987, a striga snuck into the Strauss residence, and proceeded to kill and eat Blake’s little brother, Julian. Blake saw this just as it was finishing, but assumed it to be a burglar and screamed for help. Blake’s father responded quickly, running in to the room with his gun. Blake ran out of the room in terror, and never saw his father alive again.

Since this incident, Blake has devoted his life to making sure that such a terrifying incident would not befall a family ever again.

Agent Strauss

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